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Partnering for success. 

Terratec has been a leader in the underpinning of commercial sized buildings and projects since early 1980.  Our various projects have been completed both under direct contract with the owner and as a sub contract with the owner's contractor or property manager. Whether you are pursuing new construction, renovation, or restoration, Terratec can partner on your next project for success.  

Commercial Solutions

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  • Foundation and Floor Stabilization 
  • Wall and Earth Anchoring Tiebacks 
  • Pressure Injection Grouting
  • Slab Jacking 
  • Seismic Reinforcement
  • Dewatering Systems 
  • Concrete Installation 
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Large Diameter RCP Restoration 
  • Reinforced Gunite Wall Shoring
  • Wells, Well Closures, and Drilling 
  • Ground Improvement

(currently under construction)

our services include...


Updates 2016

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