• 1982 - Terratec, Inc. founded
  • 1984 - Introduced chemical grouting techniques to the South Carolina ACSE through a  series of seminars

  • 1986 - Introduced mechanical underpinning into the Columbia, SC market

  • 1990 - Worked closely with Florida geotechnical engineers in developing a procedure to cap grout and stabilize limestone formations beneath building pads

  • 1998 - Named number one installer for helical piering for five years in a row for a national piering manufacturer

  • 2011 - Named best commercial consultants of the year by chamber of commerce



Terratec started from a passion for service.

​Terratec is a specialty structural soils and foundation stabilization company incorporated in 1982 in Columbia, South Carolina by founders Margaret and Pete Morrison. Originally organized and equipped as a ground anchor, helical pier, and cementitious and chemical injection grouting company, the firm quickly grew into the structural retrofitting organization it is today. Eighty percent of Terratec’s business is in specialty and/or structural geotechnical work. ​


Bringing range and personal attention to every project.

Terratec has been and continues to be a leader in foundation and soil stabilization services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. For over 30 years, our South Carolina operation has been dedicated to providing comprehensive, innovative, permanent solutions with professional and personal service. Since 1982 we have served the Southeast using a wide range of industry standards, proven procedures, and geotechnical  applications, from push piers to auger grouted reinforced piles. We pride ourselves on quality work, no matter the scale, from small residential projects to complex, multi-partner commercial and industrial projects. We also understand the importance of keeping our customers informed and educated throughout all phases of the project. 

Terratec installs over 3,000 ground anchors and piles of various sizes and depths in an average year and performs hundreds of various grouting, stabilization, and dewatering projects annually. Our client base consists of The Department of Defense, Armed Forces, state and federal governments, municipalities, industrial businesses, and homeowners throughout the Southeast. ​


Protecting your investment​.


Phone  (803) 791-8888  |  Toll Free  (888) 345-1492

Providing on-time delivery.
Partnering for success.
Expertise and professionalism.

The Terratec team is friendly, dependable, and knowledgeable. We are not a franchise. We design innovative, cost-effective solutions, and work hard on-site to make certain projects are completed in a timely manner to the customer’s satisfaction. Terratec associates are trained professionals and most have been with the company for years. Our staff brings a range of expertise to solve your problem, including structural engineering and certification with multiple products and processes. For our team, the customer comes first; we will communicate clearly, involve you where you are most comfortable, and check to be sure you are satisfied. During projects, we work to become your team!